Subjects Organization Speaker Abstract Status
Hismelt Shandong Province Metallurgical Company, China Hobsong Wang, Chief Representative, MENA Region Alternative route of iron making using low grade iron ore fines and coal fines. First commercial plant is running successfully in China Commercial
Hisarna Tata Steel Europe Johan Van Boggelen, Manager Operations, Tata Steel Europe, Netherlands Tata steel bought rights from Rio Tinto. This technology can cut down operation cost by 20% and also reduce carbon emission Pilot Scale
PERED MME PERED Aziztamesh, Enginnering Manager, MME, Germany The PERED direct reduction process converts iron oxides, in the form of pellets or lump ore, to highly reduced product suitable for steel making. Commercial
Finex Primetals Christian Boehm, Head of Sales- Direct and Smelting Reduction Iron making technology developed by Primetals and POSCO. Next generation eco friendly iron making process allowing direct use of iron ore fines and non-coking coal Commercial
Optimizing Gas based DRI plants Entech Engineers Ashwin Chandarana, Founder Use of Lean Natural Gas with innovative engineering solutions for optimization of gas based DRI plants. Commercial
Production of DRI through Rotary Hearth Furnace (RHF) Technology in China Central Iron and Steel Research Institute (CISRI), China Dr Xu Haichuan, Prof With increased usage of scrap, Chinese mills are setting up RHF to recover Zinc and Iron Oxide from the dust and slime Commercial
MATMOR ECT ,Australia and MN Dastur, India Ashley Moore (MD, ECT) and Aditi Tarafdar (HOD, MN Dastur) First pilot plant to be set up in India by NMDC, NLC and ECT, which can use low grade ore and lignite Pilot
Energiron DRI Danieli Iouri Martynov, Executive Sales Manager Sustainable steel production using hydrogen from existing facilities Commercial
Subjects Organization Speaker Abstract Status
Biogas- Future of Iron and Steel Making Federal University of Ouro Preto Paulo Assis, Professor Usage of Biogas in iron & Steelmaking Pilot
Reducing Coke Consumption in BF Using HBT- Case Study Sribir Industries, India K. Chidambaran, CEO Has brought coke consumption to a significant lower level using HBT- Case Study Commercial
i-Milena Gasifictaion Technology for low grade coal ENC.TNO, Netherlands L.J. de Lege, Sr Business Developer Alternative technology for efficient conversion of high ash low rank coal for power production Commercial
Energy savings through latest combustion technologies Wesman, India Kunal Kanti Sarkar, Executive Director Multiple fuel burners can fire Producer gas/BF gas, Natural Gas/ LPG and Oil one at a time or simultaneously Commercial
Subjects Organization Speaker Abstract Status
Quantum EAF Primetals Christiano Tercelli, Head of Technology and Innovations – Mini Mills and Rolling Mills Mini mill with scrap preheating, direct rolling and automation. First plant to be set up by Bangladesh based GPH Ispat Ltd Commercial
Q-Melt and Q-One : The future technology Danieli Alberto Passon, GCC Area Manager Sales Enhanced EAF melting process with charge mix flexibility. Reduced power consumption, Graphite Electrode consumption and tap- to – tap time. Recently Mexico’s leading steel maker De Arceo has ordered one Q-Melt from Danieli Commercial
Consteel Tenova, India Praveen Chaturvedi, Head of Sales Consteel is the process of continuously feeding and preheating the metallic charge (scrap, pig iron, HBI, etc.) to the EAF while controlling gaseous emissions. The charge is loaded directly from the scrap yard or rail car to the charge conveyor Commercial
Bigger capacity Steel Melt Shop through Induction Furnace Route Inductotherm, Australia Graham Cooper Commercial
Improved BOF Performance and Safety through I BOF® Technology Tenova Goodfellow Inc., Canada Armando Vazquez, Sr. Business Development Manager an innovative Prediction & Control System for the Dynamic and Modular Control on a BOF convertor. Commercial
Improvement Of Meltshop Efficiency By Scrap Refining SICON, Germany Heiner Guschall, Managing Director How to improve recovery from metal scrap refining technology which can give yield upto 97% Commercial
Appropriate Technologies for Emerging Markets Abul Khair, Bangladesh V.R. Sharma, Group CEO, Steel & Power BF, EAF, IF or Smelting Reduction – appropriate technologies for emerging markets
Flexible BOF Steelmaking Allowing for Increased Scrap Usage Primetals Gerald Wimmer, Vice President Converter Steelmaking With rising availability of scrap in countries like China and India, this process that can help increase the scrap Commercial
How To Reduce Cost of Production Using Innovative Ramming Mass Raghav Productivity Enhancers Ltd. Raghav Kabra, COO & Rajesh Kabra, Managing Director Cost saving in Induction Furnaces through ramming mass Commercial
Solution To Reduce Emission from Iron and Steel Industries Nellikuru Innovations SN Dominic, Managing Director Liquid metal insulation compound that helps to reduce skull generation, lowers metal loss, reduces CO2 emission Commercial
Popular monolithic casting repair technology for BF hearth in China Beijing Allied Rongda Engineering Materials Co.Ltd. Dr. Ronghui Zhang, Director Monolithic casting repair technology for blast furnace hearth. BF trough longevity technology Commercial
The Green Furnace – A New Yardstick For Energy Consumption EMT Megatherm Satadri Chanda, Executive Director Green Furnace have taken the global market by storm since launch and projects huge energy savings annually. Megatherm will present the technologies behind this game changer for the secondary steel sector. Commercial
1 MTPA Steelmaking Plant through IMF+ ERF+CCM Route Electrotherm Dr.Swaren Bedarkar, General Manager, Projects Metallurgy 1 MTPA Steelmaking Plant through Induction Furnace Route Commercial
Subjects Organization Speaker Abstract Status
Long rolling into the future Primetals Paul Riches, Vice President Electrics & Automation Long Rolling Automation of rolling mills for higher efficiency Commercial
Slit rolling ANT Steel Engineers (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Sudarshan Singh Merchant bar mills with conventional rolling, bars are produced from billets which are rolled in a sequence of passes through a multi strand rolling mill.  Commercial
Mi.Da process Danieli/ Agha Steel Aldo Tellatin / Hussain Agha Micro mill with endless casting and rolling technology with lower capex and opex. Pakistan based Agha steel is setting up first MiDa based rolling mill in South Asia Commercial
Second generation of endless rolling, mega endless Egyptian Steel Dr. Hesham Saad, R&D Director Endless rolling for second generation re-bar making Commercial
Danieli Universal Endless (DUE) Danieli Marcel Van Reimersdahl, Technology Manager Thin slab casting and rolling plant
Endless strip production Primetals Andreas Jungbauer, General Sales Manager Compact plant with a length of 180 mtrs and can produce ultra thin high quality sheets. Energy consumption and associated costs are 45% lower than conventional casting and rolling. Commercial
Compact Endless Mill (CEM) POSCO Young Ju Ko, Leader of CEM Project Team The innovative manufacturing process of steel strip: Compact and endless Commercial
H3 wirerod mills: high-productivity, high-efficiency, high-quality Danieli Andrea Diasparro, VP Key Account Management Wire rod mills with high productivity, efficiency and quality Commercial
Cold mill complex for GI and GL Danieli Ruediger Holz, Executive VP Cold mills and strip processing lines: new solutions enhancing competitiveness Commercial
Value Added Products And Process Improvement Al Ghurair Kaushik Prajapati, Head of Quality, Al Ghurair, UAE Commercial
Subjects Organization Speaker Abstract Status
An innovative product in AHSS family with excellent bend ability JSW Steel, India Rajan Singh, Manager New product developed -advanced high strength steel Commercial
Plastics and Carbon Composites – Why are auto manufacturers bullish on it? Tata Auto Compo, India Dr. Sudhakar Marur, Executive VP and CTO What are steel users looking for as alternatives for better fuel efficiency? Commercial
Seismic resistant TMT Re-bar through QST process JSW Steel, India Srimanta Sam, Senior Manager R&D TMT Rebars for Construction in Earthquake prone Areas Commercial
Multi-Metal Alloy Coating using EMF Technology for Corrosion Resistant Steel EMF Technologies, India Krishna Kant Tekriwal, Managing Director Production of Corrossion Resistant Re-bars Commercial
Reduction in Coke Consumption in Iron Making Charge Wave Energykem Pvt Ltd, India Srinivas Anand Prakash, Technical Director Chemical reducing coke rates by 30-50 kgs per THM in blast furnace Pilot
Subjects Organization Speaker Abstract Status
Value Generation From Steel Plant Process Waste JSW Steel Dr. Rameshwar SAH Conversion of dust into micro pellets, mill scale into briquettes and extracting iron value from slime, dust and sludge Commercial
Dry Slag Atomization Ecomaister, Korea Dr. Santiago Faucher/Sang Yoon Oh Slag Atomizing Technology Commercial
Indutec – Extracting Zn from Dust Danieli Aldo Tellatin, VP Sales Extracting zinc from EAF dust, Commercial
Ecogravel technology Danieli Aldo Tellatin, VP Sales Processing of slag into valuable product and waste recovery Commercial
Full Recycling Of EAF And IF Dust ZincOX Andrew Woollett, CEO, ZincOx Resources, UK Full Cycle technology to process zinc bearing steel wastes, and which transforms all the waste into valuable products.
Water waste management Danieli Giulio Bradaschia ,Senior Manager, Technical Sales Water Treatment and Systems Waste water management through biological treatment, which reduces the consumption of fresh water Commercial
Rubber tyre replacing coke UNSW Sydney, Australia Prof . Veena Sahajwalla Polymer Injection Technology that converts old rubber tyres to metal alloys that make ‘Green Steel’. This could be the answer to deal with the growing problem of disposal of waste tyres globally. Commercial
An alternative way to manufacture Ferro Silicon UNSW Sydney, Australia Prof . Veena Sahajwalla Usage of end of life automotive waste for green manufacturing of Ferro Silicon Pilot
Extraction of valuable elements from steelmaking slag Tohoku University, Japan Prof Shinn Ya Kitamura Technology developed by Tohoku university Japan for extracting valuable elements like manganese and phosphorus from steelmaking slag selectively Commercial
Conversion of mill scale waste into valuable product via carbon thermic reduction CMRDI, Egypt Dr Taha Mattar, President Commercial
Improvement Of Environmental Protection And Energy Savings By Suitable Material Handling Systems AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH, Germany Matthias Moritz, GM Metallurgy, Commercial
ENVISION: A digital tool for integrating environmental activities of steel making Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited, India Dr. C Kishore Chenna, AGM - Enviornment Management Commercial
Innovative usage of steel plant waste Tata Steel, India Sanjiv Paul, Vice President Health, Saftey & Sustainibility
Subjects Organization Speaker Abstract Status
Carbon2Chem Primetals Christian Boehm, Head of Sales- Direct and Smelting Reduction CO2 emission is going to be a major challenge for every steelmaker. This technology will covert carbon to bio fuel using microbes. This technology is well proven on demo scale and prototype is under construction in Europe Commercial
Pathways towards a reduced carbon footprints ECN.TNO, Netherlands Dr. J.F. Vente, Innovations Manager STEPWISE technology for reducing carbon footprint Commercial
Subjects Organization Speaker Abstract Status
Through Process Optimization (TPO) Primetals Dr.Markus Ringhofer, Sales Manager Integrated solution for steel production with best quality and highest productivity at lowest level Commercial
Energy Benchmarking System and Maintenance and Reliability system World Steel Association Dr. Rizwan Janjua, Head of Technology The energy benchmarking system supports world steel members by providing a mature evaluation system of their energy efficiency at site and facility vis a vis the industry standards
Digi&Met Danieli Antonela Mordeglia, President and CEO Danieli Automation Smart factory Commercial
Digital transformation of the Steel Industry Primetals Dr. Markus Ringhofer, Sales Manager Industry Digitalization will become the necessity for every plant to connect People, Process and Product in order to achieve efficiency and quality Commercial
Subjects Organization Speaker Abstract Status
Dry Beneficiation of low grade ore National Mineral Development Corporation, India Alok Mehta, Executive Director (Projects) Iron ore mining major NMDC has signed a research agreement with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research organization (CSIRO), Australia for research collaboration in the field of complex iron ore processing by energy efficient dry processing techniques Pilot Scale
Reduction Roasting Of Iron Ore/Chrome Ore BMM Ispat, India V S Balarama Krishna, Chief Operating Officer Commercial
Utilization of Non-Coking Coal for Metallurgical Coke Making Tata Steel, India Dr. Debjani Nag, Principal Researcher, R&D and Scientific Services A new crushing method exposes a larger proportion of vitrinite thereby enabling higher proportion of non-coking coal to be used in coke making. Pilot